Sunday, November 23, 2008

as soon as I figure out how to load up photos, I'll post some from Keith's photo shoot from last was amazing.

....more stuff is coming soon to

last night was a fun art event on Ray Street....with my friend Gustaf and the band was great...yadayadaya!!!

My photo exhibit in SouthPark is coming done next weekend at Junc if local, swing by and check it out. It was nice to get to the beach and get away from politics, starvation and world hunger and poverty for a few moments....

aint it all just so swell; met these boys from Italy....their broken english was refreshing!!


Meg said...

I find the easiest way to get photos on here it to email your post... you just put your photos in your email with your post. You have to have that email post feature turned on and if I could remember where it is... I would tell you, but darn if I can remember. I think it is under your account settings.

Terry Smith said...

cool Meg, thanks....I'll work on it. You know, I still shoot with film....can you believe it? I'm getting all this electronic shit down though Lol :)