Saturday, February 12, 2011

America's failure (Health Care)

Originally I thought of the title being, "A thing called love" I'm thinking
of my Parents. I was at BORDERS and heard this song, it instantly brought me back
to my childhood memories...this song was one of my favorites. Earlier today I spoke with my family back in Dad's not doing well, his ankles are 3 times
the size of his biceps. I'm worried that the next visit to the hospital, that the Doctor will enlist the State to put Dad in a nursing facility. We don't have money and it takes a lot of money to be able to afford a Caregiver. Our System is so broken here in America. It's so difficult for me to watch what's happening to those
that I love so very much. My career move to full time successful Artist is in the making...I may not realize the monetary success in time to be able to bless my family. I'm thinking of all the treaties and promises that were made to my Native American ancestors, how the US Government failed them so miserably, now Republicans and Democrats are fighting over health care...not able to find common ground, it's frustrating. We have so much in this Country, we as a nation are benevolent to other Nations...but we seem to neglect caring for our own. We neglect the elderly, we incarcerate too many Citizens, we fail to take care of our infrastructure...pumping more and more dollars into endless Wars, creating more and more divide among the Global Community. Don't get me wrong, I love America...this is my Country, I'm of European and Native American descent and as some of you know, my life has been dedicated to social service, I've more than paid my dues as a humanitarian American.

But we've got to take care of the defenseless, that's what a good American should be about. We must tackle the reality of joblessness and homelessness and poverty here in America. I hope to build my brand, to engage in commerce with America's Finest Kids the film, the products, providing jobs...helping make a difference. Art can be a very powerful thing, we should embrace the challenges that are before us and constantly be thinking of creative ways to make life better fore everyone here in America...there's much room for improvement!


meet D. Zuniga, an image from my shoot in LA recently.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Paying my dues...

It's 12:20am, here at LeStat's in San Diego...I didn't think I was going to share TMI anymore on this blog, but since people are saying a lot lately; "you're life's a movie"...oh yeah? Well...damn, why do so many people wear black at hipster coffee shops? Let me back up a bit, Saturday I woke up in my car...had a good nights rest
over in North Park. OH! I must say this before I forget, at first I thought this would be titled: Fuck Poverty/Capitalism/TMI,etc. However, 'Paying my dues' works.
Know this, I have $1.81 in my personal checking account, also I have $1.81 in my business checking crazy is that?! A few minutes ago I was in Mira Mesa, since my brother decided to go to LA to celebrate Chinese New Year, I had to experience my great American SUPERBOWL tradition at a bar. Though I'm uber broke, it was necessary for me to feel like a normal Good Ol'boy today...or yesterday now.

On top of the past 36 hours, not only did I lose the elderly female Client that I care for...I've had the shits (diarrhea) as well. Damn, now that's TMI, LOL. Think about it, this is MY YEAR, my career is taking off...but I can so identify with POVERTY. So, I'm sitting in my car...apx. 12 miles from my normal neighborhood where my friend's 24 hour coffee shop is...oh, a great place for coffee and to take a shit, btw...anywho...that's near where I sleep at night in my car on the weekends...thank God I don't live where it's snowing, I'd have frozen to death by now. So there I sit, thinking...damn, I gotta get some I need to shit anytime soon?...what a kenundrum! Jeeze Louize, I'm thinking of my last text to Sean, who's working on my fundraiser trailer/trailer to show people etc...and I'm in contact with some "A-List" Celebs in the Photog/Art World...I told Sean that I need to get one of these guys to produce and take over and finish direction of America's Finest Kids. All this is in my head...I'm thinking of how much it sucks to not have any money...the idea of Capitalism too in my mind, the magazine...ADBUSTERS...all about anti-capitalism...oh, Saturday I'm online with my amazingly beautiful Skater-Model friend in France, I want him in my American film...and why, Because I simply want him in it...he can skate naked with some of my American Skater boys...straight too for those fuckers with boners. So, he's out of work and had to move back home, we skyped for over an hour, it was fun...this cute Chic at the coffee shop sat next to me, so I showed her to him...great connection, LOL.

What do you do when you got the shits?! You gotta eat food that binds you up my dinner at first was a cup of rice at El Zarrapa, it cost $2.25...grabbed some raw carrots and onions for free too. Pathetic, that's what it is...being broke, somewhat famous...not so rich!!! haha, LOL!

Any who, one of my goals is to develop product, employ all kinds of people and say goodbye forever to poverty. As some may know, most of my life has been dedicated to SOCIAL SERVICE...that said, fuck you if you don't like my photography or my life...I'm a good person, help people on a daily basis and I make controversial photographic art. There!!! Oh, so...I leave Mira Mesa and for the second time today/yesterday I couldn't use my debit Oh man, I have or had $7.40 in the Bank...there's "Capitalism" for ya, LOL...the System or Gas Stations won't allow you to use your card if the balance is TOO LOW!, Fuck that! So, I went to VONS...worried because I'm running out of gas in my car and I've still gotta drive over 20 miles north to get back to work in the morning...but I take a chance, I go to VONS grocery store on Adams Avenue, get a California orange=$1.00, swipe my card...oh, VONS Club card saved me .41 cents btw...and yahoo!!! I got $5 cash back! THUS, I'VE REACHED THE GRAND TOTAL OF $1.81 in my checking account. It's time to make my first million, whoRAY for Capitalism, Humanitarianism, Industrialism, Calvinism, Pragmatism etc, etc, etc...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

She made it to 84

I lost a good friend today. She made it to eighty four...and no more. The voice remains in my mind. A harmonious life, lived to the fullest...we celebrate her in memoriam.