Wednesday, June 23, 2010



NOTE: Zander is not fully nude in this, so that'll make him happy that I've cleared it up...when you see the actual book...the INDEX page lists all the images and who is in each picture.

So, if you want this book...get it now, not sure how long I'll have it up on Blurb. Some people tell me to re-design it, cut it in half for fashion people, others tell me to leave it as is for the art people, others say this or that...well, what the fuck ever ya's just for promo for a short while...I'll have a book published eventually by someone like TASCHEN, a Publishing House with some real ballz!

Okay, that's fucking that....


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This morning as I signed onto my hotmail account, got my daily bulletin/update from MODELS.COM, it was sad to read through the comments regarding the passing of the Model, Tom Nicon. I did not know this young man...but have learned some of the possible reasons for him taking his life. People have all kinds of ideas about why others take their lives...I've lost too many friends this way. In my documentary it's a bit of a juxtaposition...including sexuality, innocence and suicide in the over all story.

Of course one must live a life first before being in a state of mind to consider and then end it. There must be a strong foundation for us to fall back on as we mature and move on in this's never easy and often times can be overwhelmingly impossible to understand, and yet, living...the simple act of it has value. We the human race, come from all walks of life, cultures...some are familiar to us and some ways of life seem and feel incredibly foreign.

For many years I have said that all things in this World revolve around the reality of "relationships". Regardless of where we are or what we do, it's something we all deal with, accepting, rejecting, embracing, rejoicing in relationships...each and every day.

Models and those that dream of the "Celluloid lifestyle"...all have value, it sometimes appears only to be surface or superficial...the Industry of modeling, the Fashion World, Art World, Entertainment's all about money, power, sex and ego...where is the real value? Clothing is clothing, Art is Art, a Film goes away in 90 will be and has always been "the relationship". Humanity, we are amazingly complex and beautiful creators...truly from the inside out. We're drawn to the surface, but what really connects is the emotion, feeling, love which comes from within.

Regardless of our own desires for that which is superficial, sexy and fun...let's never ever become so limited in our human experience that we forget our humanity.

Let's all perpetuate life!


Terry Smith