Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thinking of BRAY

I'm thinking of Bray, he would be 21 tomorrow...I'm sad because some people that are supposed to be a friend...they just fucking don't get it. Sure, I love what I do, I take pictures of beautiful young, does that mean I can't enjoy my life. There is a price to pay, to create art, make friends with those that are younger...those that think I'm "the shit"...(a compliment)...they love my photography and sometimes they love me too. Who knows, maybe I will finish this film...maybe not. All I know is photography keeps me alive; being alive can be a good thing. I wish Bray was here so I could hold him...walk on the beach and reflect on what's going on...all around us.



meet Ernest from NEW MEXICO

This is Ernest, about 3 weeks ago he flew to San Diego to shoot and film with me...also he shot with Kevin Medina-Esquival. So, I picked him up at the airport and we went to the Apartment in Hillcrest that a friend fixed me up with for 4 days...seeing as how I lost my elder care job...the old man got put in a nursing home and his son was an ass-hole and just booted me out. Oh' well, guess he did me a favor.

Ernest is so cool, we had a blast photographing in color and in black & white, I still shoot 35mm ya know. He had fun making out with Kevin; interesting pics we got. We walked around the City, day and at night...taking all kinds of pictures, I set up a studio in the living room, we shot in the bedroom, bathroom. He wanted to do something in the shower or tub, so I fixed him up with "Mr. Bubble", lol

I really feel that he has great potential as a Model or as an Actor, really cool personality...almost a Brando'esque kinna attitude. Ernest can also be very theatrical as we did some light make up and he wore fish net, very sexy and wild. Okay everyone...

pEaCe OuT!


Friday, April 2, 2010


Yes Sir, just photographed another boy from Tennessee...something must be in the muddy water. I got a message from photographer Ethan James, told me about Nathan's in San Diego...leaving next day, may want to do a shoot.
I called him up on the phone, we decided to do a shoot together...picked him up at the Marriott, his plans here had fallen through. We shot most of the images at the bridges, one of my fave places to shoot the lighting. Funny thing is, a family rode by on their bicycles, a "free show"! We had a good time and got along was nice to clean up at his fancy room, got on with my evening and he packed for the Limo's early morning pick up.