Friday, April 24, 2015

Hey everyone, I'm still making art!!!

Hey everyone, I'm still making art!!!

The past few years I've been posting new photography and some also from my archive on:

On my list of "things to do", is to design and launch a NEW WEBSITE sometime this summer
or by early fall. This blog I planned to keep active, though it's long over due of some maintenance.

This blog has nearly 100,000's nice to know that people are still following my project.

2016 is the final year of production, for this historic 20 year project. A "Grand Finale" is being planned.

I look forward to sharing more with my fans and friends out there!



 ~ Reed, at Shannon's apartment ~ 2015

Monday, April 14, 2014

Garrett & Sadie in the Southern California desert

Garrett contacted me via email last year. Wanted to do a photo shoot with me, was so excited to know we're both located in San Diego. He discovered me on Tumblr. He's now 19 and a Circus Performer with his performing partner Sadie.