Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art made @ Jimmy's Hizzle in San Francisco!

It's the week after my trip to San Francisco. This trip I didn't get to meet with Bray's Mom, but I will soon. Also, Mark Gregg's Dad passed away, Judith is now without her son and husband...God love and bless these women.

As for the road trip up to meet Jimmy...way cool, as is he! Thanks Phil for driving there and back, 'much love Amigo'! The William Westerfield House is amazing...we talked, drank red, red wine till about 5am...slept beddy beddy good.

So many stories of life in San Fran, Jimmy is a living breathing history book, an incredible character and a great new friend! We walked around the City on Saturday, photographing Daniel, then at home in his room...that was a lot of fun!

Then, Javier came from San Jose and stayed with me Saturday night, we photographed that night and then early on Sunday morning. He was a he is at a window in one of the rooms in the mansion.