Saturday, February 12, 2011

America's failure (Health Care)

Originally I thought of the title being, "A thing called love" I'm thinking
of my Parents. I was at BORDERS and heard this song, it instantly brought me back
to my childhood memories...this song was one of my favorites. Earlier today I spoke with my family back in Dad's not doing well, his ankles are 3 times
the size of his biceps. I'm worried that the next visit to the hospital, that the Doctor will enlist the State to put Dad in a nursing facility. We don't have money and it takes a lot of money to be able to afford a Caregiver. Our System is so broken here in America. It's so difficult for me to watch what's happening to those
that I love so very much. My career move to full time successful Artist is in the making...I may not realize the monetary success in time to be able to bless my family. I'm thinking of all the treaties and promises that were made to my Native American ancestors, how the US Government failed them so miserably, now Republicans and Democrats are fighting over health care...not able to find common ground, it's frustrating. We have so much in this Country, we as a nation are benevolent to other Nations...but we seem to neglect caring for our own. We neglect the elderly, we incarcerate too many Citizens, we fail to take care of our infrastructure...pumping more and more dollars into endless Wars, creating more and more divide among the Global Community. Don't get me wrong, I love America...this is my Country, I'm of European and Native American descent and as some of you know, my life has been dedicated to social service, I've more than paid my dues as a humanitarian American.

But we've got to take care of the defenseless, that's what a good American should be about. We must tackle the reality of joblessness and homelessness and poverty here in America. I hope to build my brand, to engage in commerce with America's Finest Kids the film, the products, providing jobs...helping make a difference. Art can be a very powerful thing, we should embrace the challenges that are before us and constantly be thinking of creative ways to make life better fore everyone here in America...there's much room for improvement!

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