Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On this date, July 24, 2007 my friend Mark Gregg was killed by the Cops in the LA area

I met Mark at age 15 at the beach here in San Diego in 1997. I photographed him into his 20's. He went to college in San Francisco and was getting noticed in a few films. While the cast of Pacific Eddy were going to various festivals...later that summer Mark was gone. He had a sleeping disorder that his family was aware of and compensated for his entire life. Friends close to him also new how to deal with it as well. The Cops were not dispatched that night...they just appeared. When they saw Mark, they shot and killed him from 50 feet away. His body was at the morgue for a week. When Mark's Dad picked up the phone he had a heart attack after they told him to pick up his son's body. Mark is survived to this date by his Sister, Mom and his own daughter.

When I walk on the beach and see the pebbles with water rushing over them, I think of Mark. You are in our hearts and minds forever.

Terry Smith

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