Monday, December 22, 2008

Dusten is Art

Today is my's raining here in "Sunny" San Diego, California...well, it's usually sunny. I like the sound of the rain though. Just did my last photo-shoot of the year on Saturday. I'll post an image from that in about a week. The person in this photo is Dusten. I've photographed him since he was 18. He's 25...I believe that's this photo. Notice the scar on his left leg and hip. He and his brother were wrestling and his left femur 'snapped'. "Ouch"!! He's been amazing to photograph over the years...

Like many of the youths I photograph, he's not a "Model", except in front of my camera. With boys, their bodies mature and grow well into their 20's. You see more of a man's body at apx. the age of 25.

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