Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hey everyone, I'm back now! Re-launching AFK website very soon!

It's been awhile, that's for sure! But I'm back here on my Blogger Blog and will be re-launching very, very soon!

As some of you may know, I've reached a 20 year milestone with my historic project as of last year.
1996 to 2016...and still photographing and filming.

However, must of my time is now focused on getting word out about the need for Interns to work with me to finish film production and then onto post production. So for now, I'll add some photos from last year and one or two from this year. I'm very happy to be blogging again and look forward to being on here more regularly. I also hope that my +20,000 followers from Tumblr will look at my Blogger and the newly redesigned website for updates and info and communication.


Photographer Terry Smith

America's Finest Kids -a documentary film- photography by Terry Smith

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