Saturday, August 7, 2010

What about Dylan

Two weekends ago Dylan's Dad paid for he and I to have a Motel room, to chill and hang out. Dylan needed to get away from his environment, is thinking of moving to San Diego. I've known him since his senior year in high school...we've photographed and filmed before, however...this time it was different. A few months ago I was getting ready for a trip to San Francisco, Dylan was interested in coming with...then one day on the phone he told me something had happened, he was going into re-hab for heroine addiction. I said, "so...what happened to get you hooked on heroin, did someone rape you?" Immediately he began to cry, saying that yes...someone had raped him. Over the weeks to come, we talked back and forth about the what had happened and he wanted to spend time with me, doing another shoot...nudes and fun, sexy stuff...also he agreed to open up on-camera, sharing about the rape and addiction.

This was a powerful weekend, we had a good time...he was very relaxed...we also shot around the city. I love this kid, he's been through a lot but he's doing much better now...I hope that I can finish this film, people keep shining me on...the Gallery in Los Angeles has flaked...they're trying to get Gus Van Sant to open their new location...the "Art World" fucking doesn't make sense...people are so fucking shallow and predictable...whatev. Any who, it's a release, it's pure and transparent, my photography and life experiences...the youth are real, life is real...ain't it all just so very grand.

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Abdul Dube said...

i think of u as a really blessed individual to get close to the young people and use the photography and moving image as a means for realizing new realities for themselves --

you are doing a really awesome life mission.

i am humbled by seeing what u do .