Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am so sad...Ian Vuitton is dead @ 19

I am so sad, I've just learned that Ian aspiring Model kid from Long Beach, dead. When I signed onto myspace...I saw the it, could not...did not want to believe what I was reading...they're not sure yet, the toxicology report should be in soon. Apparently it may be an over-dose. His friends said he'd use meth and other stuff... I just can't believe these beautiful kids are just waisting away like flowers under a steam-roller. Dear God, when is this shit gonna change!!! I'm so sad...


Betsie Zombie (Vanessa) said...

I know how you feel. I didn't know Ian, it's the first time that I'm reading something about him. I just knew he was dead.

It's really sad when such beautiful souls fall in disgrace because of the drugs! Drugs are so fucking bad! how they even try it?
I don't know the answer and maybe neither you. only the people who are there, (and maybe that even them) know the answer to that question.
R.I.P. Ian.
we'll be all together soon.

norm said...

Yes sad to say I lost the most important person in my life. I raised Ian for 15 + years by myself, he only moved in with his mom in the last year.I read every day how he has touched somebody , I am glad I was able to instill good people skills in my son. I proud of him. We never released a c.o.d. so its funny how everyone has their thoughts how he passed. All that is important is not that the world lost an amazing person, but I lost my child.

Ians Dad

Anonymous said...

Ian did not live with his dad most of his life.

When I met Ian, 5-6 years ago, he was living with his mom, and had been for a while.

He tried living with his dad again last year, and got caught up in drugs.
He didn't live there long.

He then moved back to his mom's.
Where he attended NA meetings with her.
He passed away at his mom's.